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Since 1981, SERVIFILTRO is present in Industry, with exclusive dedication since its beginning, to design, manufacturing and supplying of our air breathing treatment products, contributing with innovative and effective solutions, maintaining an undisputed leading position in our sector.




The familiar origin of the company contributes
4 unbeatable stronghold as keys to success.

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Servifiltro Historia 3Thereby, our company is characterized for maintaining and promote the daily challenge to make it better and better, within a climate of high confidence, harmony in procedures and unity will, motivating an intense and fluid communication and easing the achievement of our personal compromise.



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Servifiltro S. L.

Hongkong Servifiltro Limited

Beijing Servifiltro Limited

Beijing Servifiltro Limited Shunyi Manufactory

Empresa con experiencia, tecnología y capital 100% español.

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